Add stats

add icon, add title (number will animate ex:-1000), subtitle(ex:- happy clients), text(description) and a link if necessary. Only numeric title will animate.  You can add many stats using Add new stats button.

Create slider

(Business WP Pro, Hotel WP Pro themes) Please Go, Customizer  -> Theme Options -> Slider From Slider Contents below, select Image, Title, Button text, Link and a Description. Click add new button to create more slides. You can add WooCommerce product linked to a slider.

Add services

Please Go, Customizer  -> Theme Options -> Services In service contents, Specify Service image | icon (icon color), title, description and a link to more details to your service. Click add new service button to add another service. Also, You can use any built in page template to show service section. !important if you do …

Manage page templates

Each template content can be modified by selecting template by, Customizer -> Manage Pages -> View each page options Each page has featured areas can be customized through Customizer -> Theme Options

Create menus

(Fresh installations, Go to Appearance > Customize > Publish to save the starter content such as menu bars, widgets ect:-) 1. Create Menus :- Non fresh installations, Go to, Appearance > Menu and Click View all locations. Theme has 2 menu areas called Top and Footer. If a menu already exists, create a menu and …

Setup home page

1. First, setup your home page by creating a new page from home-page template. Then create another 5 pages from existing About, Contact, Services, Portfolio, Blog templates. 2. Then, Select a created page as home-page. Go to Appearance > Customize > Home page settings -> Select, Static page and choose name of the home page …